The Secondary School “El Brocense” is the oldest one in Extremadura. It was built in 1839 by the Queen Maria Cristina de Borbón. For many years, IES “El Brocense” was the only secondary school in the town where many generations of inhabitants of Cáceres were educated. This year we are celebrating its 175th aniversary and its 50th present location aniversary. 
Many renowned teachers have taught in its classrooms and later quite a few students have stood out in different fields of knowledge. This school was named “El Brocense” after a great humanist from Cáceres, Francisco Sánchez de las Brozas, who was a distinguished professor at Salamanca University. Since 1965 its location has been in the centre of the town. Its installations have been distributed in three levels and they are organized in different buildings separated by open spaces with gardens and sports facilities among them. 
In the current year there are 1400 students enrolled and 100 teachers. This School has been taking part in different European programmes for a long time; as our main purpose is working to improve the academic and human quality of our students at every level in order to prepare them for the future.