Our school is named after Memory of The Victims of Terrorist Attacks of the September 11, 2001. The School was named that to commemorate the people who died during terrorist attacks in the USA. The school is located in the center of our town, near the lake. In this school there are 292 students and 29 teachers. Every day our students commute to school from neighbouring villages  and towns, but over 100 of them live in a boarding-house.This is the only high school in our town.
The building of our school dates from the end of the 19th century. It is a specific red brick building, and it immediately catches the eye of those who come to our small town for the first time. Before the II World War, it was a German school, and Polish school has been founded here in 1948. At the beginning, it was only a primary school, but over time it transformed into a high school and the primary school has been moved to another building. The first Polish director and founder was Jan Sujkowski. 
In the premises of our school we have a so-called “Intelligent Garden” created by students, they can spend breaks there. This school participates has participated in many European projects for a long time. Our school offers a wide range of additional activites: English and German courses, drama classes, photography workshops, economy classes, graphic design, etc.
Written by Agnieszka Pęder, 3rd year student