Some general information about our school:
Our school is one of three schools in the vocational school center of Schwäbisch Gmünd. Our school is called Kaufmännische Schule and is quite big. The school was built in the 1970’s. Our vocational school center includes four buildings with a total of 3600 students. 1080 of those students go to the Kaufmännnische Schule and there are 75 teachers. The headmistress is Mrs. Stephan.  Our school is divided into four types of schools. We are at the Wirtschaftsgymnasium (commercial high-school), where we learn all the basics of economy. We are 360 students. In every grade there is also one international class, which has several bilingual subjects. At the school there are three grades and if the students have absolved them they will achieve the A level and then they are able to study at the university. 
Why we like our school and why it is worth a visit:
We like our school because all our teachers are very motivated and friendly. The climate within our school is full of respect and it’s a very nice atmosphere there. In the cafeteria you can buy lovely food, which is very good. We also like the location of our school because it’s next to a forest and it’s located on a wonderful hill, called the Hardt which even has its own catchprase: “The Hardt is the sunny hill of our town.”